Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What was I thinking?

Cayten has a horrible yucky cold/allergies. Last night he fell asleep at 6:00 and try as I might, he would NOT wake up. So, we all went to bed later that night and he was still asleep. I knew this was NOT a good thing but what could I do? Now I am sitting here on the computer at 3:00 AM, not because of Rysa or anything but mine and dh stupidity. I am venting because as I lay there in bed feeding Rysa at 2:30 (why she woke up . . . I do not know, two teeth coming in) and Cayten says "I'm hungry". Why wouldn't he be hungry, he hasn't had anything since lunch. I ask dh to get him a sandwich and he blew up at me and Cayten. He said "you chose to sleep through, you go with out" umm HELLO NOT! I am so mad because he constantly tells me to just wake him up if I need help. I don't remember one time he has woken up with Rysa. So I tried to do just that, I was tied up with Rysa so I couldn't really help, and he blows up at ME? AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

DH=Dear husband
***Sidenote: at 3:00AM we cannot be held accountable for our actions so I hope all will be well in AM if I can just get some sleep!***

1 comment:

Braydan and Jessica said...

I can feel your sleep-deprived pain! DH is kinda grumpy in the middle of the night!

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