Friday, November 7, 2008


When I was in high school, I loved to write poetry. As I learned more about poetry, some of them no longer seem to be poetry anymore. I was cleaning up and found my book of poems. I hope you don't mind but I wanted to post them for my memories. As I type these, it brings back the memories of high school when they were written. Many or nearly all these memories were not good ones. I was very depressed then. I am SO grateful for the people in my life now. I am truly happy and have found what I always wanted. I have found myself. Some days I get lost now and then . . . as do we all, but I always know where to turn to be found again.


I am so scared for what lies ahead
Will I make it through
Or will I fall dead

Will I have friends who are there for me
Or will I call Price
To see Brindi

I will miss those friends that have moved away
I wont have friends
To come and play

I want to say Thanks to those who care
I know no matter what
You will always be there

Relief Society is what's ahead of me
I will go and learn
To live and let be

This poem is just a funny rhyme
To help me learn
To pass the time

It's time this poem comes to an end
Thanks to all
My wonderful friends

We're leaving this school, we're finally out
But will we be scared, or will we scream and shout?
Our lives will have their own different paths
We will go our own seperate ways

No one knows what lies ahead
When we leave this school, in just a few more days
No more hanging with all our friends
We'll move out of our homes and take lifes bends.

We'll leave our teachers, who helped us along
We'll all be singing a way different song
Who knows wat time will change when we're all gone to college

Learning, more learning, to help life move on
Yearning and yearning to move out on our own
Turning and turning, our minds are now spinning

I am glad I got through this, although I am scared
To move out and learn, I am way unprepared.

Friends Forever
(This poem was written to a friend of mine. In 9th grade I lost ALL of my friends and I was hurt and depressed. I had a person I had never met come up to me and become one of my best friends.)
When you came up to me
That day I was crying,
You saved my life,
When I felt like dying.
We became real close friends
That day others had betrayed me.
I knew you would always be there
And that you would always care.
Sometimes we had fights and trials
But you never left my side.
I felt so ashamed,
That day, to you, I had lied
I wanted to take it back,
But the devil had gained control.
That lie grew larger and larger,
Until I couldn't stop at all.
I thought that lie would tear us apart,
But instead it brought us closer together.
I knew you were the best friend,
And we would be friends forever.

No Title
I feel so selfish when I ask why
Why am I alone and afraid
Why do I cry, why do they do what they do?
Why do I feel so strong
And yet weak at the same time?
God has given me so much
And yet all I do is complain.

God has given me two parents who love me,
Four siblings who are friends and care.
I take these things for granted
Knowing they are always there.

What if one day the world turned upside down
The sky comes rushing down and in seconds. . .
. . . They are gone. Just pieces of a memory.
No one to say "I love you" at night
No one to say "It's okay,"
No one to be there to tuck you in tight,
No one to say "We care"

In a small matter of minutes, thousands of families destroyed
Thousands of children alone.
A little boy cries "Mommy where are you?"
"Mommy, Mommy I am scared"
No one can come down the hall
And hug him and tell him you're there.

No more daddy to play catch with
No mommy to braid her hair
I think of everything that I have
And all that I have lost.
Nothing compares to the families and victims of
September 11, 2001

What is sadness?
Sadness is being alone
When everyone else is together

Sadness is feeling
There could never be one
To care about the things you do.

Sadness is knowing
You can't fit in where you want
Or knowing there's no place to turn.

Sadness is knowing
The friends that you have
May not be true friends at all.

Sadness is leaving
A place that you love
And going to one where you are lost.

Sadness is knowing
You have lost all that
Means everything to you.

Sadness is knowing
The friends that you have
Can change in an instant and stab you in the back.

Although sadness is all of theses things
Sadness is something we can learn from.

A Real Friend
You see the weight but don't seem to are
You still befriend me, I can't believe you dare.
I never knew what it would be like
To have a friend that could see
See the indside not the out
See the personality, not the weight.

You see through me and yet you still care.
I know that you will always be there.
I can talk to you and let you hear
All that I have to say
My complaints, my happiness, the tears of joy
Worries of doubt, worries of failure, my sadness

You make me feel tall
Tall enough to get anything. You still listen.
What would it be like to have a friend like you?
A friend that stands out above them all?
No one else knows but me

Now that I have read this last poem, I realized ho much this is Cris. I am so grateful for all he does for me. I wrote this poem three years before I even met him, SO CRAZY!

That is all for now. I have a few more, but my hands are TIRED!


Rawlings Family said...

Wow Callie that does bring back memories. You have a fantastic life now though. Congrats for the leaps and bounds you've made and the hurtles you've overcome.

The Petersons said...

Callie I am so sorry for hurt I probably caused you. I don't remeber reasons for why I did things back then, but that doesn't excuse anything. I am sorry.

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