Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Much Lighter note . . .

I know that my last few posts have been kind of blahzE, (not that that is a word, but it is in my mind!) I decided I would spice things up a bit and post happy thoughts!

I am so grateful for my children and my hubby. I get so excited when I watch Cayten and Rysa playing together. I can just see how much they love each other already. Cayten is SO smart. He does puzzles everyday and usually does them much faster than me. In fact he has been doing puzzles for the last 45 minutes or so. He is so lovable. He is always concerned about others and wondering if they are happy or sad. Today in nursery at institute, he was hit by another kid, I asked him if he hit the other kid and he said "No, SILLY mommy, we don't hit!" My child has learned something from me!

Rysa is getting bigger every day! She really wants to walk SO SO bad. She pushes her chair along our kitchen floor. It is pretty hilarious to watch. If I can catch it on video, I will post it! She says mama, dada, claps, and waves. Although she still isn't sleeping through the night, and she is a momma's girl BIG TIME, I love every minute I have with her. It is SO MUCH FUN to have girls!

Cris is working and trying to decide when to take his actuary exam. I wish they weren't so pricey, and the fact that if you don't pass, you have to pay again to take it! UGH! ! ! He plays basketball every week and takes Cayten with him. I love it for 2 reasons. 1. Cris gets daddy son time with Cayten, and 2. I get only mommy time because during this time Rysa is in bed! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! When they get home I always ask Cayten if he made any baskets and he always tells me "I can't shoot, it's too big" in a much disappointed voice :( It just melts your heart!

I am here, at home, nearly everyday. It has been wonderful being home with the kiddos! I love it so much and wouldn't give it up for the world. I hope that we can continue with this way of life. There is always more that I want, like my digital SLR, but I am so content with our life right now! I had some thoughts about simplicity in life but I think I will save them for later . . . my dh is calling!

Oh yeah, look at this pic I took of Cayten. I have many more but I haven't had the time to play with them yet! http://photoshopfuncreations.blogspot.com/

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