Saturday, November 28, 2009


I am going to go insane and need some help. My children will NOT eat. I have NEVER had picky eaters. Cayten will say he is hungry, I make lunch/dinner and he will gag and act like he can't swallow it and then spit it out. I am starting to get worried about him. He has dark circles under his eyes and is tired. I have cut out ALL sweets to use them as bribes but not even that is working. Rysa will eat a few bites but not much. I think with her it is more of a growth spurt. Please, any advice would be GREAT!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been Too Long

It has been way too long since I posted. Life sure does get the better part of you when you have 2 kids, a small side job of photography, a husband, babysitting daily, etc. I have been blog stalking a few blogs to come up with fun things to do this Holiday season. We started off by doing a Thankful Jar. It was a jar filled with papers to count down to Thanksgiving. It was so much fun doing new things every day. One of the days said "I am Thankful for cars. Clean out your car and go get Ice Cream Cones" It was so much fun. I wish I would have taken pictures everyday of what we did. It was always a blast.

One of the days was "I am thankful for my teachers: Take your teachers a plate full of goodies" My children aren't in school so we decided to take cookies to Cayten's primary teachers and the girls I visit teach.

Tday Rysa's cookie . . . oh so beautiful!

Tday Cayten refused to eat his dinner so he didn't get to help decorate the cookies


Another of the days said "I am thankful for my hands: draw or finger paint" and "I am thankful for Turkeys: make a paper turkey" We made these paper turkeys with the little boy I babysit.

Rysa is below her turkey and Cayten below his. What you fail to see however is how covered in glue Rysa's turkey actually is!

I started with my own turkey and gave them each piece separately to build their turkeys. Tday




I made an Advent Calendar yesterday. I have always wanted a cute fun one. I think I found it and it only took me a couple hours to make it.
It is a mini muffin tin. In each of the muffin spots there will be papers with things like "read the story of Christs birth" "have a cup of hot chocolate and watch a movie" "go Christmas caroling" etc. It am excited to start the new tradition.

Those are our ramblings for now. I can't wait to start the Christmas season and do many fun and wonderful things. I hope to get a picture of everything we do for our advent calendar! We are going to see the lights at Temple Square go on on Friday. I have never been there for that. We are going to ride Front Runner and have a grand ole time! Til Then. . .

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