Monday, July 19, 2010

Rysa's B-day

Rysa's Birthday was February 23, 2010! WOAH, Almost SIX months late of posting so I will do it with just a bunch of photos!

Mock Photo Shoot

I was able to get a new backdrop for a newborn photo shoot I was going to do shortly after returning from California.  I decided to have a little mock photo shoot with my kids!  Rysa was a pain and Cayten was a ham!

The ONLY sweet, innocent little girl one I got!

I love how Rysa looks as if she has a secret, like she did something to Cayten or something!  She probably did LOL!

So Stoic and well behaved!

I love how much they have fun together . . .

Not so sure Rysa liked this of Caytens doing or not!

What did I do?

Such a handsome little guy!

Rockstar, crazy little girl?

She finally convinced Cayten to let loose a little  bit!

April 21 - April 26

Cris and I were able to travel down to CALI in April. It was a fun little get-away! We went to this little town called Ridgecrest and stayed with our friends there. We were then able to travel to LA and spend some time at Midevil Times, the LA temple, and the beach! Random order of photos as follows~!

Santa Monica Pier, CA

Rainbow on the drive down

Self Portrait

Art on the wall

Cris and I

Ryan and Candi, Our travel buddies!  I have since determined it is REALLY fun to travel with other couples!

More art on the wall!

This was the best we could get out of Cris . . . not very photogenic!

Pretty Cool swords at Medieval Times

Low Light, no tripod, not a very low f-stop= not a very good picture! 

Los Angeles Temple, CA. 

Birds of Paradise

Humming Bird

GORGEOUS FLOWERS on the temple grounds

Beautiful Sunset= Lesson learned, California is filled with pollution and so it makes it hard to get decent pictures sometimes!

Can you see the bird?

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