Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Break from the internet

My life is crazy right now. I am overwhelmed, tired, and very irratable. I noticed recently that I am barking at the people I love way more than I should. I get so upset when I don't get to get on the computer and play with my blog, pictures, facebook, forums, e-mail, etc. I realized that I am getting to hooked on the internet/tv and my children/family are suffering from it!

Daughters of God, General Conference Apr 2008, Elder M. Russell Ballard
"And don’t allow yourself to be caught up in the time-wasting, mind-numbing things like television soap operas or surfing the Internet. Turn to the Lord in faith, and you will know what to do and how to do it"

I have totally done this. Not only with the internet but with soap operas as well. When I heard this talk, I knew it was directed towards me. This day I remember only hearing this one talk. As I am typing this, Cayten has spilled food all over, Rysa has a snotty nose, my cereal is still out on the counter and the milk, the couch cushions are torn off my couch, and a million other things are left un done.

I have decided to take a break from the internet world. I feel as if I am addicted. I will get on in the evenings as Cris is almost ALWAYS watching sports and I can do stuff on here when my kids are asleep but if my kids are awake, you will not find me on here. I hope to accomplish this. I need to get back on track and not so focused on me.

I know it is important to have "me" time but I have been so focused on "me" and figuring out what "me" wants to do in life that my children are suffering. All in all, my greatest goal in life is to be a great mom to my kids and for my kids to actually think that while they are growing up, not after. I really need to work on this!


Lara said...

Amen, sister! I have felt the same way. I will turn on the tv for Landon while I jump on the comoputer...what kind of example is that?? Landon is going to grow up learning that the tv and internet is all that there is in life??? Anyway, so I decided a weed or two ago that I was only going to get on while Landon was sleeping - either napping or down for the night. Sometimes it is hard, especially when I know I NEED to email someone, but I just try my best to just let it go. Your not the only one who is addicted! :)

Braydan and Jessica said...

Way to go Callie! I had to set limits for myself too a while back cause it's so tempting to zone out on the computer or tv. I decided I could only check my email/blogs after Kaleb goes down for nap. And then I can only be on it for 30 min. At night I don't let myself get on until the house is clean and Kaleb's in bed. It's worked good for me, but do what's best for your family. Just don't stop blogging sometimes!

Jones said...

I have been thinking about this exact same thing and needed some inspiration on the whole thing, to actually cut my time out a bit more than I have on the internet.. Thanks Cali.. I am with you sister!!

Keely said...

It's so easy to get caught up in this kinda stuff!!! Good luck! Old habits die hard! But, it'll be totally worth it! I don't have kids, only a husband! But, I know there was a time where my husband felt like I paid more attention to "blogs" then him! Just remember to take it day by day!

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