Monday, December 31, 2012

Have you ever?

Have you ever worked SO hard at something for an entire year and accomplish nothing at yet everything at the same time?

My year in review, that's how I feel.  I have worked SO HARD at losing weight this entire year.  I started running in March after we moved.  I got a great group of girls to run with.  We ran all summer, 3 and 4 times a week for at least 3 miles.  I worked my way to a 10 minute mile, and some times a 9.5 minute mile.

I then felt like I was holding them back.  Most days I could only do a 12 minute mile and these girls could run 8-10 minute miles easy.  My 12 minutes was really pushing it for me.  I decided to run on my own and that didn't last long.  It started getting cold and I started finding excuses but I made it to September, I was proud.

I started at a gym in September and started doing kickboxing, running, and a weight lifting class.  I was working out even more. 1-2 hours every day, Monday through Saturday.  I have fallen in love with some of the instructors (well mainly one, she knows who she is if she's reading) and others are just fine. All throughout this I have lost NOTHING. Not even one ounce.  Today I weighed in at 210 lbs.  I have gone from 212 to 204 then back up and around and down and all over but never above 212 and never below 204.

So, throughout this year I feel like I have failed and yet succeeded in so many ways.  I feel like I failed because I didn't even get below 200.  I really wanted that. But other than that, I've succeeded.

I never gave up.  I love exercising.  I thrive for it most days.  It gets me going in the morning and puts me to sleep each night. I have become happier being me and being as healthy as I can vs worrying so much about the weight. I have brought my mile down from 17 minutes to a 10 minute mile and then down to a 9.5 min mile (as long as I only run one mile).  I am stronger.  I am better.  I am me!  Here's to a new year with continued success.  I hope this year will bring weight-loss but if not, I will know I can continue to succeed!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo Challenge

I am submitting this photo for a photo challenge titled "something orange" while I am sure that title meant something a little more "fall"ish, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show off this photo.  It's just too cute!

I took this photo as I gave Carsyn his first Orange.  I may have posted it here before but wanted to enter it in a contest over at
Rock the Shot

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ball and Koki

 Well, a lot has been happening at our house this past week.  We welcomed a Japanese exchange student into our home for three weeks.  We have had SO much fun.  I hope we get the opportunity to do it again next year.  His name is Koki and he is here for 3 weeks. 

Carsyn's first official word is ball.  He says ball for EVERYTHING. The first thing he says every morning when he wakes up is ball.  To say he is going to be daddy's ball player is an understatement. 

At just 15 months old he is OBSESSED. Last night he wanted to play SO bad and just watched in admiration of Koki (the Japanese boy) and my husband.  It was so cute.  I wanted to capture the emotion he had and I hope I did.  Mainly the longing to play with dad!  What do you think?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catch up - May

We went on a hike to some hot springs up Spanish Fork canyon.  We were told to watch out for nudists so we were a little worried but it was a cool rainy day and we went early in the morning so we were in LUCK! On the hike Cayten found a broke robin's egg.  There were like 5 pools you could sit in.  Some were perfect for the kids, others were HOT! It was a BEAUTIFUL hike.

As many of you know we were able to view the Eclipse here in Utah.  It was a pretty awesome experience.  The only downside was I kept being foolish and looking right into the sun.  I was getting frustrated and so I put on 2 pair of sunglasses.  It WORKED. So, I had the genius idea to put those sunglasses over my camera and this is what I got.  WAHOO!

My aunt was diagnosed with Breast Cancer earlier this year.  A bunch of us got together and ran the 5k.  Well, I was the only one that ended up doing the 5k since everyone else did the mile, but it was my first 5k of the year.  I have now done 2 more and on my way to running a 10k in September!

My Carsyn turned ONE!  Man, time flies!  We actually celebrated about a week after his birthday.  For his birthday he was experiencing fevers of 105 and a couple seizures to go along with them.  He had a few absent seizures but hasn't had any since the fevers broke so we are hoping it was just part of the virus he had.  It was very SCARY.  He also started walking shortly after his first birthday and is now a running machine.  It is so much fun to have him in our home.  We crack up laughing multiple times a day by the things he says and does.  He now can sign more, please, ball, and he says ball and mmmmmm for food.  He use to say mom and dad but hasn't really since he learned the word BALL!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Catch Up- April

It's a good thing I have all my photos organized by Month/Year so I can know what I have missed on this thing. Life has been good and CRAZY. The end of April and Beginning of May were probably the CRAZIEST but it hasn't really died down since.

 I am constantly amazed with where we are at in life. There are so many days when I catch myself silently thanking my Heavenly Father for bringing us to this point, even if it took 3 LONG years in searching for jobs.

 In April, the elementary school kindergarten classes do a Zoo program and then they head to the zoo. It was so much fun! I was able to go to the zoo with Cayten and we had a BLAST! Of course, I pulled out the video camera to record his zoo program and the stupid thing didn't work. I've only got still pictures. I was pretty bummed.

They learned so many cute songs for this program.  I found myself tearing up because I can't believe I have a little boy old enough for school programs.  These thoughts always get the best of me.  In 6.5 years he went from baby to this and that seems like yesterday.  In 6.5 years from now, I will have a teenager.  HOLY CRAP!

My Carsyn has been learning going up and down the stairs.  It took him a while and a few bumps and bruises but he finally has it down.  This cut looks a lot worse than it is.  The skin didn't break and it never bled.  It was more like a giant blood blister.

The last week of April I did the HARDEST thing I have EVER done.  I let my son (Cayten) go to Florida with his grandparents for 2.5 weeks!  It was so hard for me but he had a blast.  I am grateful he had the opportunity to go and have the time of his life!  Here's a picture just before going into the airport.

These next photos are from the zoo trip.  We went to the zoo the same day Cayten left for Florida.  I was grateful for the extra couple hours I got to be with just me and him.  There were days when he was gone that I felt as if he had died and I was never going to see him again.  It was so hard!  I love my kids!

In April we also painted our upstairs from a peach color to turquoise and grey.  I was scared at first but I LOVE it.  I still need to find other ways to bring color into my house.  I've got  the decorators bug! 

From This:

To This: (I need to get updated photos with it all done)!!!

We also had fun going mini golfing, to the aquarium, and many other fun activities!  Here's a picture of my cute boy!

Friday, March 30, 2012


Spring in Utah County is so different from Spring in Cache Valley. Granted, they are having a pretty amazing spring as well, but for us, it's so nice here. High's in the 70's, sun, flowers blooming, trees budding, it's WONDERFUL! Here are some pictures from our spring!

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