Monday, January 31, 2011

Photography Contest

Last year around this time I entered a photography contest for an AMAZING opportunity to go to a workshop hosted by an amazing photographer here in Utah.  The normal cost for her workshop is $550!  Last year I probably came in close to dead last.  (you can barely see my name on the graph)
I have been invited to enter the contest again this year!!!  Anyone wanna help me out by sending them the link to vote?  Voting opens today at 10 AM!!!  I would be truly grateful if I could have this opportunity and it would take my photography to amazing heights I am sure! VOTE HERE

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's a . . .

BOY!  He was very fond of mooning us the entire ultra sound.  No matter what angle the tech did we got a full butt shot or a spine shot.  We didn't get any shots of his face so that was pretty bummer and also makes it so I don't have any pictures to show on the blog.  We are pretty excited and I am nervous.  I am nervous to have 2 boys, I hear they are destructive!  I am nervous to go from completely independent kids to a 100% dependent child.  I am also nervous for a baby like Rysa that had to be held by ME and only ME 99% of the time.  It shall be an interesting ride!

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