Sunday, November 16, 2008


I am thinking of making my blog private. I have now made it impossible for anonymous people to leave comments, but I am contemplating privacy because of a comment made on my Christmas post. Although I am nearly 100% sure I know exactly who left the comment, I am a little miffed about the whole thing.
Here is the comment:
"While Christ should be the nucleus of Christmas, family should be the center. I applaud you for wanting to put Christ into your traditions. It sounds like you are striving to be excellent Jehovah Witnesses. I noticed you said you were glad that your family didn't read your blog. I can't help think what kind of Christian you are for complaining about them. What would they say if they did see this post. Isn't the whole part of being Christian trying to strive to be like him. I don't think Christ would rule out Santa Claus after all it is the wise men that brought Jesus the gifts they are the reason we celebrate with Santa. Who ever told you Santa = Satan wasn't thinking too clearly. The prophet of the LDS church is a good friend of ours even he had Santa come to his house for his children. Christmas is a magical time for children. While we shouldn't forget Christ during Christmas and he should be the focus of Christmas children need that magic in their lives. What will you do when your children are in school? Will your children be the children telling the rest of the class they are wrong there is no such thing as Santa, and will the teachers have to find other lessons when they have the class write letters to Santa or have Santa come during school. I agree Christ is the most important thing during the holiday season, but I prefer to put Christ in my life on a regular basis. Not just focus on Christ one morning out of the year so I can make my point. Christmas is the time of giving. Not just remembering Christ. No matter how materialistic it becomes Christ would want us to give."
What do you think? If you recieved a comment like this, would you want to go private? What do you think about the comment in itself? Does this make sense? I am a little disturbed by the whole thing and I would comment more but I am a little too upset.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Wow I can't belive someone wrote that! Where do they get off? Don't go private though!!! Please!!! I hate when people do cause I don't check them as much.

Rawlings Family said...

Why would they say that you were a good Jehovah's witness? You obviously post a lot about LDS topics.

I like being private because I like to post lots of things about my kids and do not want strangers and the weird psycho people of this world looking at it.

If you do invite me!

Chelsy Hansen said...

Invite me too! I would deffinately want to go private after that!!! Who says we have to be like everyone else? I think Santa is dumb!

Ginger said...

That's lame what they said. I think people get to wrapped up in things around christmas and forget what it's really about.

I think it's a great idea for you to do presents one day and then celebrate Christ on Christmas day. We are probably going to tell our children that Santa is just pretend right to begin with. We will still have Santa bring presents but they'll now it's not real.

Obviously there are people who don't believe in Santa or don't want their children to be confused when they tell them Santa isn't real and have them start thinking Jesus isn't either.

I think it's your business how you handle Santa and how you celebrate Jesus. Also, I would love a homemade present over something that was bought. Anyway, that's what I think. Add me to your blog k?


SAM & RACHEL said...

o callie....i'm so sorry....that's harsh
do what you feel is right for your family....

Annie Atkin Rasmussen said...

Ouch! A comment like that would knock the wind right out of me.

I'm sorry that things have taken a sour turn for you. Everyone has different ideas about what Christmas means but one thing seems universal - that it is about love, and their comment was not very loving. I hope you can find a way to be more loving to them when you respond.

That said, for completely selfish reasons, I hope you don't go private on me, if only because I selfishly want to keep you on my blogroll. ;) Do what you feel is best.

Johns Family said...

I am wanting to go private I just have to get off my butt and do it so that I can invite everyone. You can also do something so you have to approve all posts.
And that comment was totally dumb. Some people have to share their opinion too much!

The Petersons said...

wow, that is pretty mean and rotten! I am sorry. It's up to you to decide what is right for your family. And it's not anyone else's place to critize you for it. I thought your idea sounded pretty good to me.

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