Sunday, September 27, 2009

Relief Society Conference and Mo' Bettah Steaks!

Yesterday I had the privilege of going to the General Relief Society broadcast is Salt Lake City. It was THE first time I have been to any sort of Conference. Oh it was SO wonderful, LOVED EVERY MINUTE but why wouldn't you. I was on the lower portion of the conference center

I sat on Plaza Level 10 in the VERY front row. The choir was AMAZING and we could sing as LOUD as we wanted. It was awesome. We could feel the Spirit before the session even started, it was so wonderful. When President Monson and the others walked in, everyone stood and it was silent. It was AMAZING . . . I am saying that word a lot! After the speakers spoke, Pres. Monson was leaving and he waived to everyone, President Uchtdorf blew a kiss to everyone and I am sure Eyring did something too but I didn't see. It was AWESOME.

After leaving the conference center and a few bad instructions on how to drive, we were looking for a place to eat dessert.

We were in Bountiful and this is where Mo' Bettah Steaks comes in! Oh so ONOS! We had Shave Ice there and I was back in Hawaii except for the humidity. It was SO delicious. The only sad part was they didn't have my favorite flavor of Strawberry Cream (which when we were in Oahu, right after we had flown in from Maui, we went to Matsumoto's and got Shave Ice there, I got Strawberry Cream and it tasted JUST LIKE Guri Guri) . . . don't worry if you don't know what that is! They did have Lychee which was DELISH, and I also got Orange Dreamsicle, and Hawaiian Delight. It was glorious with ice cream in the bottom! Here are some pictures below!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spread The Word

I am spreading the word about Fallow Field Marketplace so I can enter to win a tutu for Clarysa . . . go here for more info:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

365 Days in a YEAR!

I am starting a challenge of 365 self-portraits. I don't know if I will post everyday or 7 photos at the end of the week, or a mix and match but here are my first few pictures. I can't only take ONE of course!

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