Thursday, August 28, 2008

Trials, Tribulations, Blessings, and the Holy Ghost

Life is hard sometimes. Yesterday Cris was laid off from his "new" job. This was because he was the low man on the totum pole and they no longer have enough work. It is so frustrating because we specifically asked them when he was trying to get the job "what would happen if they ran out of work" They said "don't worry about it, it wont happen" and lo and behold it did. So a small blessing that has come from this was a few weeks ago Cris decided to start looking for a 2nd job. Now he can go to full time there so we wont be out of work for more than one week. All in all, I really think the Holy Ghost was guiding us to look for the 2nd job in preparation for this. I am so glad we listened to that impression and are going to be better off for it, I know. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and what it brings to my life.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Sorry about his job. That's neat the Holy Ghost lead you to get that second job.

horrocks_love said...

It's crazy how life works. We think that we are meant to do one thing and then that doesn't work out. But the Heavenly Father knows what he is doing better than we do. Does Chris have a job lined up yet? Good luck with everything.

SMILES2ALL said...

WOW!! thats good that you listened to the holy ghost. I always have a hard time trying to know if its the holy ghost or just my crazy brain playing stories with me. Good luck with everything.

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