Saturday, August 23, 2008

In Comparison:

Yesterday was Clarysa's 6M checkup. She weighed in at 16.8 lbs (69%) and was 27 in (91%). She is growing GREAT! She did fairly well with her shots. I never really like that part but she was really happy the rest of the day so it was kind of nice! I thought it would be fun to compare her and Cayten so here it is

Cayten Clarysa
Weight Height Weight Height
Birth: 7 lb 14 oz 20 in 7 lbs 7 oz 21 in
2 wks: 7 lb 8 oz 7 lbs 5 oz
2M : 12 lbs 0 oz 23.5 11.25 lbs 23.25
4M : 15 lbs 1 oz 25 in 14.5 lbs 25.0
6M : 17 lb 5 oz 27 in 16.8 lbs 27 in

I can't believe how close they are in everything they are doing. While talking to her Dr. he said she is very advanced for her age. She is already scooting and loves to get up on her knees but usually biffs it on her face. If she sees me across the room she can get to me in a hurry . . . specially if she is hungry! Dr. Odell asked me when Cayten started walking (9 months) and he said she is well on her way! I can't believe how fast they grow up. I was cleaning her room up a few days ago and I put her 0-3 month clothes away. I probably should put 3-6 mos up soon but she only has about 2 outfits for 6-9 months so we are stretching these outfits. Although I know I don't want another kid until Rysa is 2 or more, it made me almost cry thinking that in a few montsh she could be crawling, walking, talking, and becoming a toddler!
While we were at the doctor, Cayten wanted it to be his turn. He wanted him to look in his ears and everything. You would think that after having all the docs with his tonsils, he would hate them but he LOVES them. Dr. Odell gave him a sucker for being so good and helping his mom!

Today we had some friends come over (the Brungards). Colby is a soil analysis guy. We have been trying to dig a hole for our fence for weeks, we rented some stupid machine to dig them and it didn't even work. Cris told Colby about our problem and he came and helped us out. In a matter of 2 hours, Cris and Colby had dug 6-7 holes when last week with the machine Cris and our neighbor dug 3.

We are so blessed to have so many great friends. I really enjoy all the people around us!


*karen* said...

Hi Callie! I just ran across your blog! What a cute family! Hope all is well!!

Braydan and Jessica said...

Wow, that was nice of Colby to come and help with the fence. Glad you're still friends with them. They were cool. Tell her I still remember she made me pizza subs when Kaleb was born and it was so nummy. Anyways, glad Clarissa is healthy and growing fast!!! I just put away all Kaleb's clothes 0-12 months up in the attic now that i know it's a girl. Where am I gonna get a bunch of girl clothes????? I better start garage sale-ing.

Boonie & Jenn said...

I can't believe how old you cute little kids are! They are adorable! You house looks really nice too. I bet you are loving it!

Boonie & Jenn said...

We are living in Providence now. We really love it!

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