Sunday, August 17, 2008

Life . . . UGH

WOW, sometimes when it rains it pours. I know it isn't much but it seems as if a lot of things have been going wrong lately. We can't get our fence in . . . it is really frustrating. It feels as if we are digging into cement. We rented a fence hole digger and still couldn't get through the ground. Cris is fed up and no longer wants to finish the dumb thing . . . so frustrating. Today while we were cooking dinner our microwave broke. Cris thinks he can fix it but I am pretty sure it will be going to its own grave soon. And then there are many more problems that are just little that end up adding up. UGH!
Does anyone have suggestions in getting your child to sleep through the night even if you are nursing? It is killing me. I would love to have one night of uninterrupted sleep. I think I could feel more invigorated to actually do something during the day. Well, those are my woes.


Braydan and Jessica said...

Sorry about all your woes. Not fun, especially getting no sleep. I'm not looking forward to that again. I guess all I can tell you is count your blessings and then maybe things aren't so bad after all. Hey, if it helps, you have a friend in washington. Keep your chin up!

SMILES2ALL said...

Hey have you tried feeding her, her solid food right before bedtime? that might help to getting her to sleep through the night. that or just try the cry it out method. but her in her crib for the night. And when you go to bed don't turn on the baby moniter (yep pretty sure thats not how you spell it oh well.) Good luck

SMILES2ALL said...
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Rawlings Family said...

I had to learn how to get Nathan to sleep through the night since Devan has never had an issue. I hated the let them cry the whole night through option so I would put on his music and lay him in his crib and spend about 4-5 minutes talking and singing to him in a low voice. Then I set his mobile music box on which will play for 15 min. When that turns off I go back and check on him. The first night he screamed for the first 45 min (unless I was in with him). Second night just 1/2 hour and it was great nights after!

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