Thursday, August 14, 2008


I made this headband today! yEAH!

WOW . . . remember 2 posts ago when I said I had printed off 870 pictures? It was the cheepest way but I now believe it was the MOST overwhelming way. As I look through these pictures and also remember back on my childhood pictures, I realize that mom's are always in the background. I really have NO pictures of me. I am always taking the pictures. I wish there were more of me but I can't help but LOVE the pictures we've got. I LOVE taking pictures. One of my biggest goals in life is to really get into photography. I have always liked it . . . it is just super expensive. Maybe when Cris gets to making the big bucks LOL.

Here are a few that I just took .

. . Rysa loves the grass outside


Shane, Heather, & Aria Horrocks said...

She is getting so big!! I love the head band. I need to make Aria some. I have just been too busy and lazy to do it.

Rawlings Family said...

Yep whenever I download my card from my camera I'm hardly ever in the pictures! But that's okay with me! They are much cuter!

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