Monday, September 1, 2008

Rain, Camping Trip

I didn't take any pictures so sorry to all who read this.

We left for our camping trip on Saturday morning. We had a really good time, although we camped in a desert. It was really fun getting with the family, even if there were a few run ins with arguments and stuff . . . isn't there with every family? We went on a four wheeler ride. I was terrified for my life . . . Cris went 30 MPH which isn't that fast but I don't like it that much. I have a few reasons as to why . . . 1. The first time (and last) I rode a motorcycle I clotheslined myself into our fence. It was not a fun experience. I know this is not a four wheeler but it still has me scared. 2. I rolled my car while falling asleep driving. Ever since if I tip in a car, four wheeler, or anything of that nature, I FREAK. So Cris talked me into driving, which I had vowed I would never do . . . I went 20 MPH! I was super excited. We decided to leave a little early so Cayten and Cris could play at Bear Lake. As we were driving out, we could see some monster rain clouds over that way. I really didn't want to go home, so we decided to drive through Randolph and Evanston and to Ogden to see Cris's family. And then comes the rain . . .

The rain clouds I talked about earlier caught up with us just as we were leaving Evanston. The speed limit on this road is 75 MPH. We had a few rain drops and it gradually got harder and then it was as if we were directly under a waterfall. Cris asked me to pray as he was driving around 30 mph and the Holy Ghost told me to pull over so we pulled off to the side of the road until it calmed down. I have NEVER been through rain like that. I was crying. Hind site, I wish I would have taken a video or some pictures but I was terrified. We ran into a few more issues with the rain where we had to drive pretty slow but it wasn't too bad. We could see as we came up on those areas, the road would be fine and then we would see a white line where the rain started. It was amazing. I am so glad we made it home safely. The rain gave our car a GREAT power wash after driving through the desert.

We are now at Cris's parents house and we are going to leave tomorrow morning. We had a great time doing all we could on this last summer vacation.


SMILES2ALL said...

When were you in Bear Lake? We were there on Saturday, Jace had so much fun playing in the water. He was playing in the lake with one of his cousins. Hey also I tried to get on to Britt and her husbends blog and they have made it to private if you are on there list will you ask her to invite me please.

Braydan and Jessica said...

Man, what scary rain!! Glad you made it home safe. Where was this desert you went camping??? In wyoming?

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