Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bean Bag Chairs

I came across this GREAT tutorial from a blog called Trey and Lucy

She took a pattern and created bean bag chairs for her kids.  I found my fabric at JoAnns for 50% off.  You will need 6 yards of fabric for each bean bag chair.  I made the inner bag with clearance fabric I found for $2/yd.  I also was able to get the Velcro for 50% off and the beans were on sale at Smith's Marketplace for FREE (I had bought grocery's that gave me $35 in coupons on your next purchase)!  Normally the beans are about $12/bag and you will need one bag for each chair.

All in all it cost about $20/bean bag to make (with the free beans, or $30 if you have to buy them).  This can sound like a lot considering I saw some in Walmart for $15 but these are CUSTOM!  You get to choose how much fill is in them, what color of fabric, etc.  I love them!

I wouldn't say it was the easiest tutorial but the only hard part was figuring out the velcro.  If you know how to sew a straight line and a zig zag stitch, you will have this made!


horrocks_love said...

Awesome! Thanks Callie, I think I am going to make one for Aria for her birthday! :)

Jones said...

That is cool!

Brit and Kelsey said...

those are super cute! Luv em' , good job.

Becky G said...

they turned out SOOO cute!!! Good job!

~Emily~ said...

Those seriously turned out super darling! Dang, where do you find all your motivation, you're so good with the crafts! I always think homemade things are extra special anyway.

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