Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Latest Ramblings

A Lot of my life is updated to the world on Facebook.  It is usually more convenient to do a quick post there than log in here and type up a long post.  I decided to post a few of my ramblings from Facebook to tell you what is going on in our life!

"wants to find a fun family vacation that can be fun for Toddlers AND adults! I want to go the the Grey Wolf Lode in Washington but it is far and $170/night . . . hmmm"  
We would LOVE to go to Washington with the kids.  It isn't too far of a drive, not too expensive, and we have A LOT of friends to visit up that way.  I am pretty sure we will head there sometime in April or May after Cris takes his actuary test.

"Cayten gave his first scripture in Primary today. We lucked out as we had been memorizing one scripture a month and he memorized the one he gave! He did AWESOME and only needed help with one word! My little boy is growing up!"
 I can't believe my little guy is old enough to give a scripture in Primary, let alone memorize it!  We are working every month on memorizing the scripture of the month from the Children's Friend Magazine.  It didn't even take him the whole month to memorize it!  Not even half the month, WOW!  He did such a good job!  He stood up there and I was going to go stand by him and he said "No mom, I don't need your help!"  And he mostly didn't, I was so PROUD!
"Teaching Cayten about the Iron Rod . . . "What happens if we let go of the rod?" Cayten: "We turn into a tree" . . . "no, we don't turn into a tree, you don't reach the tree" . . . yeah, we get lost and turn into trees!" . . . . OKAY, ! ! ! oh and the fruit on the trees is pineapples . . . little does he know, pineapples don't grow on trees!"
For FHE we are acting out the scripture stories we can.  Cayten LOVES it and remembers them.  We have done Daniel and the Lions Den, Nephi building a boat, the Tree of Life, and last night we did Nephi and his broken arrow!  It is so much fun to see him grasp the concepts and recite the story back to us days later.

"Callie Chinen 's body does not like getting up at 5:30 AM no matter what time it goes to bed . . . . BLAH!"
 I workout every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:00 AM.  It is so great!  Today I rand 3.1 miles in 32 minutes.  It was on an ellyptical so I know it is very different from actually running but I kicked 15 minutes from my time last June.  I am SO excited for the Spring to come so I can start running outside!  I am doing the Top of Utah half Marathon in September and I am stoked!  I also workout every MWF in an aerobics class.  It is amazing how good I feel even though I still have at least 50lbs to lose (which I hope to get to by September!)

I am currently working on making bean bag chairs for my kids.  They are almost done!  I will probably finish them this weekend but then I have to wait to get the beanbag fill.  They are so CUTE and I can't wait to take pictures of the finished product!

After I finish the beanbags I am starting Rysa's birthday dress or Easter dress depending on when it gets done!  I am a little intimidated by it since the WHOLE thing is lined but I have amazing seamstresses in my family that I am sure will help me along the way!

The person that baptized me passed away this last weekend.  His name was Cole Westergard.  He fought a long hard battle with cancer.  When we moved away after I was baptized we lost touch with his family but there will always be a special spot in my heart for the person who baptized me into such a wonderful Gospel!

I would post the latest pictures but my computer is having issues so that is all for now! 

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Jones said...

Anna gave a scripture on the sunday that Cayten did too. Washington would be fun. Hope you guys get to go. We need to plan something fun like that too! I am so glad that you love excercising. I love aftermath of excercising but not so much the moment of it most of the time.. Someday hopefully I will love it. Good luck with your training though.

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