Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentines Day

Well, I had a great belated Valentines day! Cris and I celebrated yesterday because on Saturday we were in Ogden and sort of snowed in. It was snowing like CRAZY there and it just kept coming. A few hours later, we looked outside and it was BEAUTIFUL, the snow was melted off the roads and so we decided to trudge on home. The drive was great until we reached Sherwood Hills. It was like driving into a wall. We could just see the storm as we drove into it. Blue skies then black. It was like night and day. We made it home but weren't really able to do anything.

Yesterday Cris and I were able to go out to dinner and grocery shopping. I was able to pick up some outfits for Rysa's birthday on Monday and I am super excited to get some pictures with them! We went to El Toro Viejo, a Mexican food place here. I love it there. I had a chimichanga and fried ice cream. I have always wanted to try that and it was pretty good. It is funny how grocery shopping without kids is so much fun. Thanks to my good friend Alina who watched my kids for me. And the best news of all . . . . RYSA DIDN'T CRY!

I was so happy to hear that good news. Cris's parents are going to take the kids for 2 weeks when we go to Hawaii in May and I was a bit reluctant but it seems she is getting better. Coming up . . . Rysa's birthday pictures!

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