Monday, February 9, 2009

It's been too long!

WOW, I guess life kind of sneaks up on you and really makes you busy. The funny thing is I really don't think I do much . . . just clean and play with the kids along with photography stuff . . . it really can get busy. I am starting my own photography business. I am pretty excited. I have had a few clients already and I am working my way into making a portfolio for myself. I am finally done editing the ones I have taken so far. I will be putting examples up on my website soon. ( I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
We are teaching the temple prep class right now. IT is so rewarding and wonderful to be helping families reach a wonderful goal. We are working with one couple that has 3 girls and another baby on the way, a woman that has become active without her husband, and a young returned missionary. It is so great. We are able to go over some of the basics of the Plan of Salvation, being worthy, etc. and it is a wonderful discussion. We are only able to teach the class at night because of some work schedules and such but it makes it nice and peaceful.
Clarysa is almost one. She will be one in 3 weeks. I can't believe it has gone by so fast. She gets into anything she can. She loves to pester Cayten and I believe we will have our hands full. I haven't been able to get many pictures lately. I hope to tonight for our FHE.
Cayten is a handful. He learns more everyday. He is smart in what he wants to be. He knows his alphabet and can recognize almost all the letters but he still refuses to count to 10. Man it is frustrating. We practice EVERY DAY too. I believe he gets his stubbornness from Cris (and a little from me LOL).
February is a BUSY month for us with V-Day, B-day, and plenty of church activities. I am pretty excited. I like being busy when it comes to doing things with friends (not so much when it comes to doing things I HAVE to do.)
I am hoping to get some pictures up in the next day or two so stay tuned!

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Jackson Family said...

Hey Callie!

So, I am up in Logan this week. I got here today. How is Wednesday afternoon looking? Can we do pictures then? Let me know what works for you, and how much you charge. I need to go to the bank, because I don't have my checkbook with me.

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