Monday, February 23, 2009

Rysa is ONE!

Today Clarysa Mae Chinen turned one. She was born exactly one year ago around 10 AM, or was it 8, I don't remember already . . . I remember Cayten's, horrible, I know. I had been trying all day to remember what day of the week she was born since today is Monday you would think it was a Sunday but last year was a leap year (my original due date) so I couldn't figure it out. I finally pulled up a calendar from last year and I had her on a Saturday. From that Saturday on, it has been an adventure.
This picture was from right after she was born. Such a wonderful day, I was so SICK of being pregnant.
This is a six month pic. She is BEAUTIFUL! I love her so much!
This is a 9 month pic. She was already walking by this point. I can't believe how fast they grow.
And now for todays pictures . . . Today has been one of the MOST hectic days in a VERY long time. I left my house around 11:30 thinking I would be home around 2:30 or 3:00, I didn't end up getting home until 4:15 with 2 VERY tired kids. Tomorrow we are going to go to the dentist for Rysa's first appt and Cayten's check up.

This is the hair she woke up with today. Pardon the messy face but I sure do love the hair. The next few pictures are of our photo shoot, they are SOOC(straight out of camera) so I will be posting the final versions on my photo blog (CCCPhotography)

Here are the start of her b-day party tonight. It was fun. We invited two friends over and had pizza and cake. Rysa is lactose intolerant (I said adventure above right, she has many issues!) so we skipped the ice cream.

This is the picture of her b-day cake. It was personalized and FREE. Albertson's has this deal where you can get the 1st b-day cake for FREE. It was super cute and fun.
She was a little mad. We were getting ready to put her in the chair and our friend Lino scared her a bit. Cris asks why I take these pictures but I love them. So much fun and they make me laugh when I look at them.

And now, it is all better, LOL. It only took a few minutes.
Rysa was pretty excited to get her gifts. She tore open the wrapping paper but didn't really care about the clothes that were inside. She just wanted the paper.
I got this cake for her so she could smash it up and get all messy . . .
She looks AMAZED at the fire. She wanted to reach at it and touch it.

Starting to dig in . . .
I don't like this so much . . .
Get this off of me, I am done, I HATE THIS.

So goes the adventures of Rysa. I think she will like one thing and she hates it. We still had a lot of fun. That picture was literally the last she had of the cake, she wouldn't even really taste it. I guess I am getting my wish of having a girly girl!

I am so lucky to have both my kids in my life. They are pure joy. Rysa has been an adventure from the beginning. She was coliky, spit up fountains daily, and was miserable for a few months until she was about 7-8 months old. I never got sleep until then, it was AWFUL, but I still loved her! She started walking a few days after 9 months and has been on the go ever since. She is now running and loves to be chased. She peeks around the hall and sees you coming and takes off. Of course right now I can catch her but I know it wont be long until I can't. A lot of friends that had babies the same time as I had Rysa are having more babies. I am so excited for them but have to say I will stick with this adventure for a little while longer. I have had many ask so there is your answer, LOL.


horrocks_love said...

Wow I can't believe how fast it goes! So has she been lactose intolerant since she was born? Aria was at first but she grew out of it pretty quickly. She was back on regular formula at about 6 months. Anyways it's so fun to see your kids grow up. They are so cute.

Kellee said...

Cute pictures. So you didn't do the whole traditional Hawaiian 1st birthday and invite the whole ward and city and have a huge luau, the big bounce houses, etc? :)

She sure is cute!

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