Wednesday, February 18, 2009


My friend let me borrow his external flash for my camera. I LOVE it and was able to get some pictures of Rysa and Cayten. They aren't great, just snapshots, but I love them. I can't believe Rysa is going to be one on Monday. Time fly's too quickly . . .
Here she is with her baby doll. Grandma Maxine gave her this for her Christmas. She absolutely loves it. She rocks the baby and says baby, baby.
She loves to play with her blocks and in the toy room. Her and Cayten can play together for hours in there. It is fun to watch them interact.

Cayten doesn't like me taking pictures. He shoved his hand in front of Rysa's face so I couldn't take a picture. She didn't like that so much.
Another one of him trying to put his hand on the camera
These are about the only pics I really get of him anymore :( He has grown tired of my picture taking!

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horrocks_love said...

Your kids are getting so big. I think that it's funny that Cayten is watching out for Rysa and won't let you take pictures! That's a great big brother already looking out for his sister. Rysa's got the best birthday! It's the same day as mine. Have a great day and have fun.

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