Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Blog Retraction: Sort of

Ok so, apparently I hit a nerve with this post: What Christmas Means

I feel I need to clarify a few things and apologize to any I offended. That was not my intent in any way.

Small clarification: "Cris and I were raised very differently when it came to holiday traditions and are having a hard time blending our beliefs" He wasn't raised not believing in Santa. They did the whole Santa and Christmas thing. This is something he has picked up from his mission. I don't understand it but if you have any questions, ask him!

LARGE CLARIFICATION: "As the years have gone on, I can only remember a few, not even a handful of gifts that were given to me for Christmas" I can remember more than a few gifts. This was in no way meaning I didn't like my Christmas's growing up. I loved them and have had a VERY hard time getting over the fact that Cris doesn't believe the same way I do with this. I was posting this to help realize that it isn't all about the gifts. I guess I really worded this wrong and I am sorry. Also, if you are family, you all know I have trouble remembering anything at all from the past so don't take it so seriously if I don't remember your gifts. I only have a handful of memories from age 5 and up so to not remember the gifts given, is in no way meaning I didn't love every one of them.
I remember getting a basketball hoop from my dad. I loved it and it is still sitting in our driveway today. I remember always getting clothes, toys, a doll that you took picture of and she would pose different poses. I remember them when I think about it long and hard but just not off the top of my head.

Again, I am sorry to those I have hurt. I never intended that. I hope that all will be forgiven as we come upon the Christmas Spirit. We all do and say stupid things. Thank goodness for Christ saying "I will forgive whom I will forgive, but it is required of you to forgive ALL men" This means me too!
Oh how I wish there was a way to delete that post from the memories of those who were offended by it. If you know me, I mean REALLY know me, you would know I never want to offend anyone. I am a peacemaker. I hate conflict and I try with all my might to resolve it when I can!


Keely said...

Hey! It's your blog and I think you entitled to say whatever you want! Don't stress it to much! EVERYONE does things different and has their own "Family Traditions" whatever they may be! The Important thing is doing whats right for your family and that you and your kids are HAPPY! :)

Brandon and Val said...

Callie, you are so sweet! I think it's great you and Chris want to start your own traditions focusing on Christ. Your original post actually got me thinking of how me and Brandon can focus our Christmas more on Christ too, so thank you!!

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