Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy Birthday . . . Again! Cris's parents and our friends Lino and Jesse came over to celebrate his birthday.

Getting ready to blow out the candle

Blowing out the candle . . .

And after many failed attempts . . . it is finally out! He kept blowing but really soft so it never went out. Cris finally got him to put his face closer and voila!
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Papa and Rysa: She looks a little worried but she is just eying all of Cayten's new toys!
Cayten opening Jesse's gift . . . what could it be?

Cow BOWLING! ! ! It is a ball that makes cow noises and 6 milk containers. It was one of his favorite toys. He loves to knock them down. Instead of arranging them in a triangle, he places them in a straight line. Very particular!
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Lino's Gift
What could it be in this BEAUTIFUL bag?

Race CARS! It is the helmet Cayten really wanted.

He was being really silly and putting it on top of his head while it was still in the package.
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Opening Auntie's gift- Great wrapping . . . COMICS (classic, LoVe iT!)

Spiderman punching bag! This was a GREAT idea because Cayten loves to punch and it bounces back. We thought it was like his size . . . it ended up being 9 inches LOL! Rysa loves it though!

Grandma put his toys in his laundry basket hamper (yes it is an ElePhAnT! LoVe iT aGaIn!)

HULK gloves. He likes to punch with these.
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The hamper. I honestly LOVE it so much. It will make Cayten excited to put his clothes in here and no more confusing clean with dirty. We will start working on it this week. Cris's parents also gave Rysa a duck one.

The outfit mom gave him . . . he wore it the next day at his 3rd b-day party (more pics of that to come too) and got frosting all over it. AGH!

I never got the end results on pic of what was in this box because I was so surprised. Cris got Cayten TWO nerf guns. They like to gang up on me and Cayten likes to use them to wake Cris up (as do I)!

I couldn't resist putting some photo's of Clarysa in . . . she is getting so big. She is walking like a pro now and hardly ever crawls. It is crazy to look at her, I think . . . wait she can't do that. I love every minute with these two.

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