Friday, September 26, 2008

To the right of this post you will see a cute embelishment of another blog here on blogspot. This girl is a fiction of our imagination. Her blog is pretty funny but she is totally a made up person. Now, after creating a fictional blog about the mormon way of life, she makes about $300/ad on her blog. I wish I could make this much money on my blog. Any ideas on how to be funny? I am such a down to earth person. Ya know when your siblings or anyone for that matter, make comments and you want to come back with some "comeback"? Well, the best my comebacks get is "oh yeah, well, well," that's all I have.

Speaking of a quarrell with a sibling, once when my sister and I were home alone, she made a very rude comment (to spare her the pain and agony of reliving this, I wont say what she said). As mentioned above, I have no comebacks in my brains dictionary so I looked all around me and on the counter by where I was standing was an apple. I chucked the apple at my sister and hit her right square in the head LOL. The apple EXPLODED! This means one of two things, 1. She is not an airhead after all, or 2. She is just very hard headed. :) So, after the apple was thrown, she stares at me, looks out the window to see my mom and dad pull in from grocery shopping, falls to the ground and starts whailing. Way to ACT Sis! I still love ya. This has to be one of the funniest quarrel memories we have. If you have siblings, I am sure you have some pretty funny memories with your siblings too! Oh, and BTW I have 3 Sisters and 1 Brother, can any of you guess which sister I hit?

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