Friday, September 19, 2008


Sorry everyone, we have been MIA for a while. I spilled liquid on my keyboard and had to copy and paste the letters Q W E R T and Y. This was a very hard task since nearly every word has these letters. Cris's work had a few keyboards so they let us take one!

A few things going on . . . Clarysa is crawling and pulling herself up on things. She has even taken a few steps along furniture. It is pretty crazy. At her 6 month check-up her dr. said she was on the same track as Cayten which means . . . walking at 9 months! I don't know if I am ready for that but I sure do love that she is getting a little more independent. It is making my life a bit easier!

We are trying to teach Cayten his colors and are starting to wonder if he has a bit of color blindness. He knows almost all his colors but when it comes to red and green, anything red is ALWAYS green no matter how many times we correct him and tell him they are red.

Cris is preparing to take an actuary test in either November or February. Cross our fingers that whenever he takes this test, he is able to pass it on the first try. If he does, it means we are finally able to get onto the career road!

As for me, I am not up to much. I am trying to get into running. I am preparing to run a 5K and I am working my way up. All in all, at the end of 8 weeks I should be running a 5K in 30 minutes! This is my way of releasing my stress lately. It feels great but I don't know what will happen when it turns cold in just a few short weeks here. That is where I will be headed in about 30 minutes is running. I am also hoping this will get me on track to losing weight. I am learning all about eating healthier and stuff and I am doing a dang good job . . . no sweets at all this week!

Here are a few pictures from today and the other day. . .

Cayten and Clarysa were having fun in their homemade tent today. It is so fun to see them play . . . Cayten just takes Rysa under his wing.

We were playing outside last Saturday . . . a break from ALL DAY football. I wanted to take a picture of her crawling in the grass but anytime I tried she would move into the sitting position.

Question: Any ideas on how to get her to sleep through the night? What about actually falling asleep on her own since she takes no binkie or thumb. . . I have let her Cry It Out but now she sits up and just sits there and crys :(


Braydan and Jessica said...

Cute pictures. That's crazy you're gonna do a 5K. I don't think I could even do a 1K :) I'm proud of you. It's probably a great stress reliever and break from the kids. When do you go? early morning? Night? I don't have any advice about sleeping through the night. You're the mom of two so you're the expert :) Maybe get her attached to a blankie or small stuffed-animal. That's what helped Kaleb the most. Good luck!

horrocks_love said...

I am having the same problem with Aria. She used to sleep so well on her own. But now she cries for 10 min or I have to hold her. Aria's doctor said that at this age they just don't want to sleep because there is so much going on. I don't know what to do either.

Lara said...

There is an awesome book you can read that really helps in the sleeping department. Its called Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. I really recommend it!

Aya said...

sooooo cute!!!!
they are really look same!!

Jackson Family said...

Good Luck on the 5K! I was training for one of those before I got pregnant again. I was really psyched for it, but now it will have to wait. Let me know how it goes!!

Melanie said...

a 5K? Way to go! That's something I still am not willing to shoot for...

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