Thursday, August 4, 2011


WOW, do I ever fail as a blogger!  Life is CRAZY busy once you have 3 kids.  Not that it wasn't with 2, but even more so now!  The last posting I had was June 12 and a lot has gone on since then.  We blessed Carsyn on July 3rd, I had a birthday, Cayten was in a community play, we went on a BEAUTIFUL hike, we were able to go to Brigham and see the angel Moroni placed atop the temple, we've been up the canyon a few times for hot dogs and mallows, Rysa smothers Carsyn on a daily basis, and Carsyn jumped from the 5th percentile to the 50 percentile by his 2 month check . . . oh, AND our house is up for sale.  WOAH, and that's why I haven't posted for nearly 2 months (not that many read this anyway, but for my own documentation, sheesh, I FAIL!)

 We went up Green Canyon in North Logan and helped some friends burn their Christmas trees.  It was pretty fun.  They had bought the HUGE roasting mallows and they made one gooey mess!  The fire got HUGE at times and the kids had a blast!

 We were able to see the Angel Moroni go on top the temple on MY BIRTHDAY.  It was pretty amazing.  The first few hours we were drenched and chilled because of rain but the Spirit there was VERY strong!

 Cayten was a "little fish" in our Nibley days community play.  He did very well.  I put Rysa and Carsyn in the baby show and it was a lot of fun.
On July 4, we went up waterfall canyon in Ogden.  It was Cayten's first hike and he beat us all with his auntie Allycin.  It was BEAUTIFUL because of all the rain.  Cris hiked up to the top and got a view of the waterfall he had never seen before.  It was pretty fun!

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McKell H. Costa said...

Glad all is well! Your have the cutest kids!

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