Sunday, June 5, 2011

Life with THREE!

My how time flies!  Carsyn will be three weeks old on Tuesday.  It seems like yesterday I was tired and complaining of being uncomfortable and hating life of being pregnant and now I have such a sweet family of THREE!  Carsyn is such a good baby for the most part.  He doesn't really have hunger cues besides waking up and screaming saying "Dude, I'm hungry, can't ya do something about it!"  Our family really loves him.

Last Wednesday we had his 2 week check.  It didn't turn out so well.  At birth Carsyn was 7lb 15oz.  Normally by 2 weeks as we all know, they should have gained some if not ALL their weight back.  When he was discharged, he was 7lbs 5oz and at his 2 week check he was 7lbs even.  He has almost lost a full pound.  Not sure what was going on but we think it is on the mend.  I am taking him in for a weight check this Wednesday and hope it goes well.

I was just sitting on the couch on this beautiful Sabbath day listening to the laughter of Cris and Clarysa goofing around while I was feeding Carsyn.  The thought came to me wondering what Carsyn was thinking.  I don't know the science behind infants thought process but I do know they are way more knowledgable than we give them credit for.  The thought came to me (and I'd like to think this thought was from the Holy Ghost) that he was thinking how great it was going to be living in a home filled with laughter and love.  I got really excited when I had this thought and decided I better document it.

We have had a wonderful 3 weeks.  It has been interesting as I battle feeding Carsyn, keeping him happy, keeping the house clean, keeping Rysa and Cayten entertained, having warm dinner ready (rarely happened), and getting all the other crazy menial stuff done but it has been wonderful.  The one thing I was able to get out of church today (after not getting to listen or attend class because of the many distractions of a newborn) was that God placed us here on this earth at this exact time for a reason.  The children and trials I have from them are mine and God didn't send us here to fail.  How wonderful is that?  He knows we can succeed if we trust in him and use Him as he tries to guide us back to him.  As we all know, God will NOT give us anything we cannot handle, which means in the end, there is no reason to fail, and in fact, he has set us up for complete success if we will just follow Him!!!

I'll leave you with a bunch of pictures to admire HAHA!

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