Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life is Wonderful!!!

Life with 3 kids has been WONDERFUL so far!  It's been interesting, but I am constantly overwhelmed with a sense of love for my family everyday.

During my entire pregnancy, I seemed to not be able to connect to the baby.  I wasn't super attached but I think it is because we had multiple complications up until 26 weeks and I was scared.  Then as the end drew near, I was terrified.  I was use to it being Cayten and Rysa, how could I handle adding another person into my life, into my heart, etc.  It didn't seem real.  Cris even expressed this same thing the night we had him.  He asked me what I thought when he came out and I didn't have a whole lot of thoughts because I thought I just died.  I asked him what his thoughts were and he said he was really emotional for the first time when we have had our kids and that it just didn't seem real.  Here we are 5 days later and I couldn't imagine life different!

Carsyn has jaundice, just like my other two.  So far he hasn't been put on the lights which is GREAT! His numbers were getting high and I really despise the lights.  I got Cris and his dad to give him a blessing and I prayed A LOT that we wouldn't have to do lights.  His numbers dropped for the first time from yesterday to today.  YAY!  It could be in part to having gone outside for about an hour in the sun yesterday . . . and in doing so, I received the horrible mom award as Carsyn got a bit of his first sunburn.

The day after we had Carsyn, Cris's mom had taken the kids to McDonald's.  They were playing on the toys there and Cayten grabbed onto Rysa's arm and dislocated her elbow.  Cris's mom brought her to the hospital with us and I figured it was probably dislocated.  It has happened NUMEROUS times.  This time though, I couldn't get it to pop back into place so Cris took her downstairs to have it taken care of.  It was pretty convenient!

The night we got home, Cris was playing basketball with Cayten in our toy room.  Cayten went after the ball and whacked his head on a wooden horse and had a big (seemed big but was small) gash in his head.  I was in my bedroom when it all happened.  I hear "SMACK", "WAAAaaaHHhhh", "CRAP" . . . I go running in and sure enough Cris and Cayten both had blood all over their hands.  I thought we would have to get stitches but thankfully I was able to calm Cayten down and get the bleeding stopped.

It truly has been an interesting few days.  Tomorrow the real life begins.  Cris will go back to work and I will have no one here to entertain the kids.  It will be an interesting ride for sure!

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