Thursday, May 19, 2011

Carsyn Thomas Chinen

Phew-What a ride!

Carsyn Thomas Chinen was born May 17, 2011 at 1:14 PM.  He weighted 7lbs 15 oz and was 20 inches long. He has much lighter hair than Rysa or Cayten did and not as much hair either.  I would like to say the birth was an amazingly wonderful spiritual experience, but it wasn't.  It was hard, horrifying, and way different than what I was anticipating.  Below the pictures, you will see the birth story if you want to read it.

On Tuesday morning we called the hospital to see what time they wanted us to come in.  I was choosing to be induced because I was just plain uncomfortable.  I couldn't imagine still being pregnant just 2 days later!  They asked us to come in at 7:30 AM.  I was pretty excited about that because I had heard of a lot of friends not getting in til the afternoon or evening.  The night before I couldn't sleep.  There was too much adreneline I believe.  Everytime I would wake up, I would pray that either I could fall asleep quickly OR that when I called in the morning, I would be able to get in first thing in the morning.  There was an instance when I woke up doubting that I would even get in that day and had the thought . . . "How can I expect Heavenly Father to answer my prayers if I am doubting him."  He heard my prayers as I was able to get in first thing!

They didn't start the pitocin until 8:30 AM and I was at a 3+.  I was hoping to be a bit farther but I wasn't.  My doctor came in and checked me around 10:30-11:00 and I was still at a 3.  That was REALLY disappointing because my labors were usually really quick.  He broke my water and in the next hour I went from a 3 to a 7.  That was all doable.  The anesthesiologist came in and gave me my epi and the contractions kept on coming.  There was still pain but I was able to breathe through them.  Around 12:00 the contractions were strong and I couldn't keep breathing through them.  The epidural didn't work and they didn't have time to replace it.

I hate to talk negative about the whole birthing process, but it was awful for a person not wanting to have a natural delivery.  I have never felt so much pain, pressure, stretching, pulling, in areas I did NOT want to feel. I couldn't breathe during the contractions, or I wouldn't breathe I guess.  I started hyperventilating and that was a REALLY weird feeling.  My eyes kept going dizzy so I had to keep my eyes closed.  I had to have an oxygen mask and that was HORRIBLY annoying!

Once we realized the epi failed, my nurse grabbed another nurse who was an angel.  She knew pressure points in the body to help you relax and other things.  They didn't work for me, but that was besides the point.  She was truly an angel.  She calmed me down and coaxed me through each contraction.  She kept telling me to breathe but I didn't want to.  She told me to keep focused but I didn't know how.  I distinctly remember hearing a loud voice tell me to count.  I know it was the Holy Ghost telling me to count.  Through each contraction I would count.  I started soft and as I got to 15-28 seconds, I was LOUD and couldn't really breathe and count and then as the contraction wore off and I went down to about 38 seconds, I could breathe again.  With the help of this wonderful nurse and the Holy Ghost, I was able to relax for about a minute in between contractions.

The pushing was probably the hardest thing for me to do.  With Cayten and Rysa it was easy.  One Two, push, and DONE!  With this one, I believe I was so exhausted from dealing with just the contractions I couldn't put all my energy into pushing.  I felt everything.  I have heard it told as an amazing feeling, I felt like it was awful.  I felt as if my body was being torn from the inside out.  I felt Carsyn get stuck and then with my final push finally come out.  And I only pushed 5-6 times.  I don't know how women do it that have to push for hours.  I could barely handle 10 minutes.

When Carsyn came out, that was the amazing part.  That was the wonderful part.  I had my little boy.  I could hold him in my arms.  I could cuddle with him.  I could hear his crys and his groans.  It was beautiful.  We didn't get ANY pictures of his birth.  NOTHING until we were in the room and he was getting his first bath.  I feel kind of bad about that but Cris wouldn't leave my side and I was completely fine with that.

I still can't believe he is here at times.  I have THREE children.  It is weird, but it is wonderful!


Melanie said...

Oh, I sorry it wasn't as you wanted it to be. Pushing was the hardest part for me, too. Yuck. But I'm glad it's over for you and you get to snuggle and cuddle. You will be a great mom of your 3 little ones. Congrats!

Kellee said...

Congrats guys! When I had Savannnah, I wasn't planning on going natural either and it was terrifying and scary. With Katherine, I prepared for natural and I wasn't scared and it was wonderful. There was a huge difference! I'm so sorry it was so hard, but glad you and Carsen are okay!

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