Monday, April 11, 2011

Life . . . and then BOOKS!

Life sure catches up to you some days (most days if you are pregnant)!  I technically have 6 weeks left of this pregnancy as of tomorrow but am hoping it is actually only FIVE!  I had both Rysa and Cayten 1 week early and so I am hoping that saga continues because I am pretty tired of being pregnant already.  It was all great until this last week when I started feeling uncomfortable when sleeping, walking, moving, etc.  This little one still does not have a name however I think I have it narrowed down to Carter, Connor, Corbyn, Carson, or Cameron.  I only THINK because every time I talk to Cris about it I say "we ONLY have ?? weeks left" and he says "we STILL have ?? weeks left".  So, this little guy will continue on without a name for now.

The NESTING phase has set in a couple of times and then fades quickly.  Today I am in the process of organizing our Toy Room closet to accomodate the toys that are being stored in the kid's room. I realized that when the baby is down for a nap (which will likely be a lot of the time in the beginning unless he is another Rysa) Cayten wont be able to play with his most favorite toys. I am trying to declutter and de-junk the closet.

And on to the BOOKS . . .

I LOVE to read.  I don't read as often as I use to, but I LOVE to read.  In my single days I bought every book I wanted.  I then got married, started living on a student life budget and realized the days of buying books were over.  I only read books once or TWICE if the book is really good and then it sits on my shelf.  There are books in the mentioned closet above that haven't been looked at in over 3 years since we moved here.  I went through the books and decided on which books I will be giving away to friends or donating and wanted to list them on here for any friends and family that may want them.  Nearly all the books are in excellent condition (remember they have only been read once)!  I will list them by Author and Title.  If anyone wants any of these books, leave a comment here and we can figure out how to get them to you!

Cheri J. Crane: Kates Turn, Following Kate, Sabrina & Kate, The Girls Next Door, and Forever Kate

Susan Evans McCloud: Sunset Across Inda, Sunset Across the Waters, Sunset Across the Rockies, and Out of the Shadows.

Chad Daybell: Chasing Paradise

Jack Weyland: Ashley & Jen, Cheyenne

Stephenie Meyer: Eclipse

Pamela H. Hansen: Running With Angels

Sunshine for the Latter-Day Saint Teenagers Soul

Beverly King: Picture Perfect

Sierra St. James: Masquerade

Dr. Laura Schlessinger: 10 Stupid Things Women Do To Mess Up Their Lives

Michele Ashman Bell: Timeless Moments, An Unexpected Love

Karen Kingsbury: Maggies Miracle

F. Burton Howard: Eternal Marriage and the Parable of the Spoons

Chris Heimerdinger: Passage to Zarahemla, Eddie Fantastic, Ben Franklin and the Chamber of Time

Joni Hilton: That's What Friends are For

Janet Bergera- Vital Signs

Lisa McKendrick- A Life of My Own

Steve Roos- Deep Cover

Corrie Ten Boom- The Hiding Place

Anita Stansfield- Return to Love

Dan Yates- Lack of Evidence

Julie Wright: To Catch a Falling Star

Annette Lyon: At The Waters Edge

Laurel Mourtisen: Turning Point

Robison E. Wells: On Second Thought

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