Friday, March 25, 2011


LegoLand California was PERFECT for my kids.  It wasn't too big for them like I thought Disneyland would be, there were rides, shows, and things for the kids to do.  There was a water park, water rides, and a SEA aquarium.  It was GREAT FUN!  The only downfall I saw was we spent too many days there, (I was done after day 2 but the kids weren't) and Rysa was too small for some rides.  A lot of the rides kids had to be at least 34 inches but some rides, like the roller coaster ones, the kids had to be at least 42 inches and some even had an age limit of 4.  With those with the age limit, we just told them Rysa was 4 if she met the height requirement.
This picture was taken as we were waiting in line for the roller coaster ride I think.  Cayten had never been on a roller coaster and I didn't want him scared so I didn't say anything but "if you get scared or nervous, just scream as loud as you can".  He was terrified but survived.  He didn't want to go on that one again.  (I guess another downfall would be if you wanted any pictures of you on the rides, you had to buy them because there weren't many places to capture the big rides.  The price for ONE 6x8 was like $20!)
We were constantly taking turns on who would go with who.  This ride was one of Rysa's favorite rides.  The airplanes went up and down with a lever she could push.  I think she went on this ride 3 times but a different airplane ride she could ride herself was her all time favorite.

Rysa is usually a SASS or a HAM!  She would usually scowl or totally ham it up as you can see in the photos above.  She LOVED Legoland for the most part and suprisingly enough only got tired the last day we went.  She wanted to swim every day but one day it was cloudy and rainy.  She loved every ride she could ride and took in everything.  She is Rysa and loved being independent.  I was REALLY worried about her running off but we never had any incidents (at Legoland that is, hotel is a different story). Her favorite area was the splash pad area or Duplo Land which was an area for the younger kids to climb, run, play, and get wet.
Cris HATES roller coasters and Cayten we now know isn't too fond of them either!  There was NO line for this coaster and since there was NO line, I was able to catch a picture of the two of them.  Cayten wouldn't go back on this coaster either.  There was only one coaster (his favorite ride in the end) that he would go on.  It was a dino coaster and you got to go twice without waiting in line is why it was his favorite he says! (again, had to pay for a picture for that one too)

One nice thing was that the kiddy rides Rysa could go on usually didn't have lines.  While one of us waited in line for the longer lined rides, the other would take Rysa to a kiddy ride that she could go on.  She loved them all.  She is a fan of coasters and ALL rides and we decided that her and I will go to Disneyland by ourselves and leave Dad and Cayten home!
This airplane ride was Rysa's favorite.  She got to ride it by herself and it was fast.

They had life size figures there (dressed up and Lego men).  Rysa was TERRIFIED of the dressed up men and wouldn't go take a picture with them without me. 

There was an area where you could take Lego's and build a car and then race it to see how fast it was.  I enjoyed just resting in there while Cris showed Cayten what to do.  Cayten loved building new things in all the areas they had legos.  (Another nice thing (sorry posting as I remember) was with the rides that had REALLY long lines, they had lego areas where a parent and the kids could play while the other parent stood in line.)

Some of their favorite rides were the most simple rides like this slide.  Again, there were usually no lines and so they could go multiple times.  The areas with no lines were the rides we rode again and again.  They may not have been the thrilling rides or most popular to adults, but the not having to wait in line really topped it off for the kids.  Simple really is best sometimes!

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Braydan and Jessica said...

thanks for posting this Callie! Now I have a better idea what it's like. We definatly will try it out a day, but maybe not 3 like you said :)

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