Friday, August 28, 2009

Over a month

It has been nearly one month since I posted. We are gone nearly every weekend and when we are home we have a yard, a DOG (yes, I said dog) and kids to take care of. I am doing my photography so when I am on the computer, I am doing that, but I will try and update for anyone who still reads.

We went swimming the last time we were at Cris's parents house. I made Cris take pics of me and the kids cause I never have any of me and them.

My kiddos rockin out!


~Emily~ said...

Good gracious, your kids are growing up so fast!! Hehe, love the updated pics - too cute :)

Jones said...

I love the pictures. Good job chris taking them

Braydan and Jessica said...

Summer is crazy busy right! I'm glad you updated though. You guys look cute together in the pool. Where's the new doggie?

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