Thursday, July 30, 2009

FHE Ideas

How many of you are tired of trying to come up with last minute FHE ideas? Are you tired of all the FHE helps out there being to advanced for your young children? I have an idea!

I have been brewing with this idea for over a year now and I am now trying to enforce it. I want to get together with a group of girls, preferrably mom's with children around the same age as mine (1 and 3) every few weeks and plan FHE ideas for the month.

Here is how it will work (for a group of 4 girls, if there is more, then we would meet less often)

Each mom will create one FHE Lesson plan for the month. That person will gather all the needed crafty items if needed for 4 people, or just prepare a lesson plan type outline. We will then get together and swap. You would then have 4 lessons from 4 different girls and your FHE will be planned for an entire month.

Does that make sense? It is an idea that could use some work, but I think it will be an awesome idea if we could get it going. If there are those wanting to do it but have older children, that would work too, we could just adjust for age differences.

Any ideas, tips, comments?

Let me know if you wanna join me in the endeavor!

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the Provident Woman said...

I get a lot of my ideas from the internet. We found a great website (I can't remember what it is) but we were able to print out 2 years worth of FHE activities, lessons and treats. So now we work our way through our book of printouts. (At least for the 2 years)
Here is another good one i found

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