Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg PARTY!

We colored easter eggs and Cayten loved it. I locked Rysa in her chair so she just watched, but it was a blast!

Whenever Rysa would put the egg in the basket, it would fall right back out because she always had her basket tilted.
After the boagie Easter Egg Hunt at the park near our house, I decided to have a hunt at our house. I put candy and $$$ in the eggs. Rysa got $2.00 and Cayten got $1.50!
Cris and Clarysa on the way home from the park.
He is done with the Easter Egg Hunt and got 3 eggs . . . that was pretty good for how many kids there were, however, it was kind of stupid because the eggs had PAPER in them with an ADVERTISEMENT for a pre-school . . . and a jolly rancher.


Allycin Chinen said...

that looks so fun! I wish I was home for easter. It doesn't seem like its easter, when I'm by myself. Cayten and Rysa are getting so big! wow.. i can't believe it

Amber Omer said...

What great pictures! You're kiddos are adorable!

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