Thursday, April 2, 2009


I know a lot of people will think we have turned weird, crazy, and all of the above, but Cris and I (mainly I demanded it) have moved the TV from out of our living room into the toy room where we will place a couch. Last night I realized I spend more time in front of a TV than I do with my kids some days. It made me SUPER sad and I realized that I don't get a lot of things I want to do done because of it. We can still get channels if we really want them but mainly it is set up just for movies. I am super excited about this although I will miss my shows I watch:
CSI Miami
Biggest Loser
Private Practice
Greys Anatomy
And any other show that just happens to be on . . .

We have used the TV as a means for noise and get caught in front of it instead of having actual conversations with each other. Then, Cris and I stay up til midnight talking because we don't start talking til 10:00 when all the shows are over. I hope this is a good move for us and will help us where I am hoping!


Lara said...

Yeah, it is hard to have TV. I have a friend who has 3 kids and doesn't own a television set. That is awesome! her kids play outside, they walk to the park and spend time with one another and use their imaginations. As for me, we do have a tv, but we don't turn it on AT ALL except to watch the one and only show Landon watches (Baby Signing Time). Not having the tv on durning the day is very nice - I would be extremely tempted to sit and watch all day long.

Braydan and Jessica said...

Good for you Callie!i think you'll notice a huge difference.

Liz Szilagyi said...

I think that is a great idea. I remember teaching a missionary lesson once at a members house. She volunteered to let us teach our Vietnamese darlings at her house, well one day we wanted to show them "Finding Faith in Christ" cause they had no Christian background. It wasn't till then that I noticed this sister whom I admired didn't have a TV in any of her major rooms of the house, rather it was in one of the smallest of the house and there were no chairs or couches. She acted like this was totally normal and simply said, "As we've gotten older my husband and I have learned the TV isn't the center of our home." That hit my so profoundly.

It's hard while you have a small apartment, but I always figure when I have a house with more than two rooms I'll move the TV to some remote corner of our house. Sorry for the epic story, I just thought it might make you feel like you aren't as weird as some may think. You're actually quite heroic!

Kellee said...

We haven't had tv for 3 years this month. We can watch DVD's and VHS' still, but that's it. I LOVE IT! I was the biggest addict to the tv too. We play more games now, talk more, get outside more, the kids play together more, etc.

Good luck with the detoxing!

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