Sunday, March 1, 2009

This past weekend Cris and I went on a date to the Draper Temple Open house . . . it was BEAUTIFUL! I guess why wouldn't it be? ALL temples are BEAUTIFUL! I took some pictures. I didn't take my tripod so they might be a bit blurry and they really don't do the building justice. I have a new goal . . . take pictures of EVERY temple I go to. I really hope to get pictures of all of them at night. That is when I feel they are the prettiest. I would rather have the sun setting though . . . not all GONE!

The rest of the weekend we spent at Cris's parents home. His mom just got back from Hawaii and Cayten missed her SO much. He didn't want to leave her and constantly asks when we are going again. I hope we are able to go during spring break for a time!

Today Cris, Cayten, and Clarysa stayed home from church. Both kids have got rotten colds they got from me last week. Poor things . . . the colds have settled mainly in their eyes. Rysa seems to be on the mend but Cayten is just starting.

I substituted in primary today and realized how much I miss being a primary teacher. It has been a really long time but I miss it just the same. The children have such sweet spirits and they never cease to amaze me with how much they know. The lesson was on the Priesthood and each of the children . . . 5-6 year olds, new just what it was and each had a story to tell of a blessing they had received. It was a great experience.
Cris is teaching the temple prep class tonight by himself. I don't think those in the class want us to infect their kids with sickness. Cris just left. It is such a wonderful class. There are 6 lessons but each lesson takes about 2 weeks because we have such wonderful conversations.
I also need to appologize if I don't read your blog. . . if it is private, I don't get updates and I don't know everyone that is private. . . . also do you have problems commenting or does no one read my blog, LOL.


Jackson Family said...

I read it! I love to see your pictures! Did I send you an invite to read mine? Hope so! Hope all is going well for you!

Michael and Shannon said...

nope we read it. I just see you all the time and usually talk about what is on your blog, so my comments come in person. LOL

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