Monday, March 9, 2009

General Conference

I am getting a post ready about this stupid snow that showed up today, but until then . . . Cris and I read an article in the March Ensign last night about preparing our children for GC. I thought it was impossible for them to have ideas for a three year old, but they didn't miss ANY age groups. A few of the ideas for Cayten's age:
Have a bowl of treats out and any time he hears a word like Temples, Repent, Heavenly Father, or Jesus Christ, he would get one treat.
Take the middle insert with all the Presidency's pictures on it, tape it to the TV and every time the speaker came up, have Cayten try to find him.
Have a picnic while watching and pretend like we are the Nephites listening to King Benjamin.

I thought these were a few GREAT ideas. I hope to always keep a copy of this article so I can refer to it in the future as my kids get older.


Becky G said...

Awsome ideas! I saw the article but of course just skimmed it, so I didn't even see these things! Thanks - I think they will even work for Emily!

Braydan and Jessica said...

I liked the article too! Thanks for the reminder. I'm excited for conference.

Kellee said...

We have always done a bingo card with Conference with the kids. Same idea...when they hear a certain topic or word, they put a treat on that square. My older kids still like to do it.

About my kids homeschooling...I have no idea what would happen if my kids were ahead and went back to public school. It would probably depend on the school. I don't plan on ever putting them back in though!!! No way!!!

Nicole and Andy said...

Hey guys, your picts are beautiful! We never heard if you're doing your Hawaii trip. we're here to help if you need us!

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