Tuesday, October 28, 2008

34 Pictures

Cayten running away from me . . . UGH, really we were having a blast!

Clarysa enjoying the leaves and the kids throwing them on her!

Silly face (got her as her eyes were closing or opening)

"Mom, these crinkly things are kind of fun!"

" I am not so sure about this"

We love fall!

The kids attacked Rysa with leaves. It was really fun and she laughed through it all!

Trying to get away . . . these kids can run . . . save me!

My favorite picture

There is a fountain coming out of this pumpkin


Hayley said...

This looks like a LOT of fun!

SAM & RACHEL said...

those are amazingly adorable! where is that at?

Pizza :) said...

Hey Callie
WE miss the fall up there!! I am glad you went to the pumpkin walk. The kids are growing so fast.

Braydan and Jessica said...

OH...I love the pumpkin walk. Glad you had fun.

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