Friday, March 9, 2012


Well, I refused to take pictures of my new house in chaos mode.  It is still in mild chaos mode, but I was able to hide most of it behind couches or on the floor behind the bar for these photos.  When the trees are blooming and the grass is green, I will post some pictures of the outside of our home!

 Living Room

 New Couches
 Dining and kitchen area (eventually we will be painting the countertops and the cabinets)
 Other side of the living room
 Entry way
 Entry Way wall
 Perfect nook for my photo
 Family Picture wall
Kids castle with it's own lighting

1 comment:

Funny Farmer said...

Love your blog - you are a talented girl! Throw-up on paper is better than not getting life written down I say!

Your children are adorable. I especially love the sidebar pic of your little girl glaring! hahaha little kids are hilarious aren't they?

Welcome to Spanish Fork. I hope you make friends and get settled in quickly. You live in a great ward so I'm sure this will feel like home soon!

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