Monday, February 13, 2012

Life in the Fast Lane (Pics coming soon)

The last few weeks have been nothing but CRAZY! 

We officially moved on January 30th.  It was a CRAZY day.  Cris got the stomach flu.  Of all days to get the stomach flu, this was THE worst!  He laid around while we moved stuff into the truck.  I  am not proud to say I got a little resentful of him, slightly irritated, but tried to be understanding, it was HARD!

We didn't fit everything into the truck we rented and that made me BONKERS. Some things we left behind were a broom, dish soap, any and all cleaners, my pants and clothes for the next few days, pretty much anything that was laying around at the end before we drove out.  I was so busy so I didn't get any pictures of our last day, which is pretty disappointing!

Some ups of leaving the above mentioned things were I got a new pair of jeans because mine were packed away in some box, not to be found for a couple of days.  I INSISTED we get me some new pants before people from the new ward helped us move in!

Cayten has started at his new school and he LOVES it.  It seems to be a much more advanced school so he has a bit of catching up to do, but I am not worried at all.  He has already met many friends, some of which are in our ward as we found out yesterday and he was thrilled!

Rysa was probably the least affected by this move.  She didn't really care and hasn't cared still.  We moved in and there were purple curtains in her bedroom left behind and she has been in heaven ever since.  There is also a little castle playhouse built into the basement and they LOVE that! It has almost been a heaven sent while Carsyn is napping, they go play.

I have missed my friends dearly, but came to realize quickly that home is where my family is.  I thought it would take a long time for this house to feel like home and quickly realized that home is where Cris is.  Although the area of Cache Valley still feels like home, I am with Cris and so much stress has been lifted off my shoulders.  I can be me again, a fun mom that wants to do things with her kids, not shut down and sit on the computer all day to forget about her life!

Carsyn was pretty good with the move of course.  It actually took him about a week to get use to it here which is WEIRD! Every time we entered his bedroom to put him down for a nap he would cry and not want to go in the room which is not like him.  He is back to himself now.

I am sure Cris likes it here.  His commute is only about 15 minutes top, even with traffic so it has been nice having him home nearly at 5 every night.  As our house gets more unpacked, it will be nice to settle back into a routine of FHE, nightly scripture study, basketball games, mom nights, girl nights, etc.  I am really excited to be here in this new chapter of my life.  PICS will be coming soon, when my house looks somewhat presentable!

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