Thursday, May 7, 2009

More . . .

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go to Pearl Harbor. That place has been the main reason I wanted to come to Hawaii for a long time. It was beautiful, somber, and wonderful. I will post more pictures of that when we get home.

Today we went to Kualoa Ranch (where Cris's brother works). They film Lost there, and have filmed many others such as Pearl Harbor, 50 First Dates, Mighty Joe Young, etc. It was pretty cool. While we were on the beach in the early morning (PRIVATE BEACH=AMAZING) there were big and little crabs everywhere. If you are ever on a beach and see little wholes in the sand, if you dig, you will eventually find a crab most likely. Cris found this one . . . it pinched him too LOL

We went snorkeling and on a catamaran. While on the Catamaran, we circled China Man's hat. We also did Kayaks. While snorkeling we saw a huge ole turtle. It was AWESOME! I am SCORCHED today even though I used sunscreen.  I guess I will have to layer it on even more UGH!


horrocks_love said...

Oh man I'm so jealous! I've always wanted to go to Pearl Harbor too!! I love your hat by the way! Have fun.

Becky G said...

Michael would Love to visit Pearl Harbor then he would be content to go home and see nothing else! He doesn't like crowds or tourism. Looks like you are having fun! Love the pictures!

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