Monday, January 7, 2013


Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary,
HaaaAAApy Anniversary!

Today Cris and I have been married for 8 mostly wonderful years! My goal in our marriage is to make sure the good days far surpass the bad days.  We all know there will be bad days, however, I want to focus on the good days!

I posted on FB how crazy it is to look back on my life.  9 years ago, before Cris and I started dating, I KNEW that I would never be married or have a family, I would become a doctor, and all would be well.  

At that time, I had gone on a total of 2 dates from 16-20 years old.  I had been forced to go on one of the dates and it was the worst date of my entire life!  I thought moving over to Logan and living the "single" life would change things but it didn't.  When it didn't, I knew I would be single forever!

Enter Cris into my life in March 2004.  He was friends with my roommate.  They hung out all the time so I got to know him as a friend.  I wanted something more.  I usually did.  Any time a guy gave me attention, I hoped they would ask me out on a date.  With Cris it never really happened that way.  We became friends, I wanted more, he said we were just friends, I accepted that.  Every now and then I would wish for more than just friends but room mates would ask him and he continued to say we were just friends.

This little scenario went on for 2 months.  School was over.  We were all going our separate ways.  I was going to Oregon for a few days.  Friends and Roomies were all moving back to SLC and Cris moving back to Ogden.  Surely, that would be it.  I knew we would probably fall apart and not really have much in common as we lived in different places, had different friends, etc.

Little did I know . . . when I got home from Oregon, Cris asked me to start dating him.  We went on our first official date in the beginning of May.  By September 6, 2004 we were engaged, and on January 7th 2005 we were married!

There are so many times I look at my life, my children, my husband, and my home and laugh just a little bit.  I never thought I'd be here in this place at this time.

My favorite quote is "if you wanna make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans for the future"

It is so true, you never know what your future will hold.  For me, I do know that my future will always include my wonderful forever husband and family, and that's all that matters!

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