Friday, July 20, 2012

Ball and Koki

 Well, a lot has been happening at our house this past week.  We welcomed a Japanese exchange student into our home for three weeks.  We have had SO much fun.  I hope we get the opportunity to do it again next year.  His name is Koki and he is here for 3 weeks. 

Carsyn's first official word is ball.  He says ball for EVERYTHING. The first thing he says every morning when he wakes up is ball.  To say he is going to be daddy's ball player is an understatement. 

At just 15 months old he is OBSESSED. Last night he wanted to play SO bad and just watched in admiration of Koki (the Japanese boy) and my husband.  It was so cute.  I wanted to capture the emotion he had and I hope I did.  Mainly the longing to play with dad!  What do you think?

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