Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Working Backwards

I am hoping to work my way backwards to Rysa's birthday in posts over the next few days.  I have neglected this blog for FAR too long and I am headed to Cali next week only to get more experiences and photos to load onto this thing! So, here goes

Cris's brother Cory and his wife Aya and baby Lia moved back from Hawaii to Ogden UT!  What a change huh!  They will be here until Cory finds a job in the tourism business.  He just graduated from BYU-H!  We were SO excited to go down to Ogden and see them.  If it hadn't been for our recent trip to Hawaii last May we wouldn't have seen them for over 2 years.  Cayten was barely 2 when they were here last and Rysa wasn't even born!

We had a really fun time playing games, eating, and just having fun.  We were also able to celebrate Cris's moms b-day while we were there.  It is her b-day today.

This is Baby Lia . . . Cayten and Rysa's only cousin on Cris's side.  This was the first time they met her!
My future photographer!
Rysa has to be our most daring child.  She will be the first with a real broken bone, I am SURE of it!  She LOVES to do crazy things as you can see on the monkey bars!

"Ahhh, I'm gonna fall"

Oh, that's right!  Daddy was under her the WHOLE time ;)~

Cayten was playing Hide and Seek with Grandma Chinen and this is where he chose to hide LOL!

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Jones said...

Rysa is getting so grown up. I love her little hair and outfit!

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