Friday, January 16, 2009


Sorry I have neglected this blog for a while. . . photography has kind of taken my attention and I LOVE it. To see recent pictures go here I am loving it so much. I learn new things everyday and hope to continue to learn.

A little about what's going on . . . it is unseasonably warm here. While the rest of the country goes through negative temperatures like we do normally every year, it has been pretty warm (if you call 30's and 40's warm). Cris's parents just left to Hawaii for a few weeks to see our niece (their granddaughter) Lia. I can't wait for the day to come when I get to go too!

If anyone wants to come over and let me take pictures, I would LOVE it. I need new subjects, mine are already tired of me. It is nearly impossible to get Cayten to let me take a good picture. He is always giving me goofy faces and Rysa doesn't hold still long enough for me to blink usually.

Rysa is just getting so big . . . she is walking and running and talking and signing. It is so much fun to watch her learn. Yesterday she learned what a ball was. I threw the ball and told her to go get it, then eventually I just said, "go get the ball" and she would. It was pretty awesome.

Cayten is an overachiever by far. He is so smart. As I say he is smart, he has had trouble counting and can now almost always count to 11. It isn't much but since he couldn't or wouldn't count a few weeks ago, I am hopping for joy. He is in sunbeams now. We have only had one week but it was pretty interesting. He did not want to go . . . UGH

We changed our cell phone plan and now it automatically includes texting . . . I never thought I would be included in this world of texting, I hated it . . . it is nice though . . . I am giving in . . . I can say though I will not text while driving or at a funeral like I have seen done.

I am starting a new adventure in my life next week. My sister has asked me to watch her kids for her while she is in school. I will be driving into Logan everyday to watch them because she doesn't have a car. It will be interesting but I know Cayten will love to play with his cousins.

Other than that I am reading "God Wants A Powerful People" by Sheri Dew. It is wonderful, I love it so much. And here are some pics . . .

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Kellee said...

We would love some new family pictures. We haven't done any (except ourselves by the Christmas tree) since I was pregnant with Luke. Or just some of my kids to update on my wall.

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