Monday, October 8, 2007

Well, this week is going to be a fast but long week ahead I think. Cayten woke up with runny nose, cough, diareah, etc. so no Daycare. I couldn't miss work and Cris can't miss school so we called Mother In Law to ask if she could watch Cayten. MIL lives an hour away so she said she would come . . . and then asked if she could just take Cayten for the week. I reluctantly said yes. It is going to be such a long week w/out him but I think it will go fast if you look at my schedule . . .

Monday :8-4 work, 4-9 house
Tuesday: 8-5 work
Wednesday:8-12:30 work, 1:30-?? U/S!!!, 3-8 house
Thursday: 8-5 work, 6-9 counseling
Friday: 8-4 work, 4:00-??? Pick up Cayten and a wedding

So, the only day I think I will really realize I have no son is on Tuesday. I hope this busy week means it will go by quickly.

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Braydan and Jessica said...

I'm sorry Cayten's sick! But more sorry you don't get to see him for a week! bummer. That was nice of Chris's mom though to babysit. It looks like you'll be busy, so hopefully your week flies by.

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